So after months of deliberation I finally chose a paint color for my bedroom!

I swear I had become a regular at Home Depot’s paint department and have a ginormous bag of paint swatches to prove it. However, I was able to narrow my choices down to these few…

I wanted to go for a soft gray/purple-ish color, but one that was not too overwhelming. I wanted my room to feel light and airy, while still having some of my personality (purple and florals) shine through. So I opted to go for a subtle color on the walls, but will amp it up with colorful accessories.

After a long poll from all of my friends and family, the winning color was subtle touch from Behr Paints.

I purchased the paint in Behr Premium Plus Ultra – Flat Finish because I didn’t want to deal with priming, uneven surfaces, etc… I also have a lot of natural light in my room and didn’t want to deal with the reflective surfaces associated with Eggshell finishes. When mixed it looked like nothing but a dull white, and I had a moment of extreme panic, but I told myself that it’s just paint and if it’s ugly I can just paint over it! (RIGHT – Who in their right mind would paint twice?!) When I got home and put it on the wall though…I was not impressed

“So Pretty” – NOT! For whatever reason it looks like a blue/purple crayon instead of the chic subtle gray that I wanted! Either way I decided not to have a full anxiety attack and kept on painting.

The final results will be released at a later date…to be continued

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Hi Everyone!

Hope that you are all enjoying a great holiday season! It is sad that it has taken the holidays for me to be able to update this blog, but I am taking full advantage of my free time! I have been really busy with my last year of school, but I have been doing many DIY projects on the side that I am going to share with you all in the next few days!

Look forward to some great decor updates!

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I can’t even look at you…

I am so ashamed … I know that I promised you all a great big return and clearly I failed. I have been so busy actually living life that I have not had the time to blog about it. School basically took over my life and if you actually knew me you would know that I have OCD and perfectionist tendencies when it comes to doing things. On top of that I am still interning and have been given more responsibilities, which I LOVE…but it has taken a toll on my social life. My friends are constantly asking me to do things and to be honest I am more stressed out by my social life than I am by my school or professional life believe it or not. However, I have dedicated my summer to making time for friends and family (which is why I am in Montreal for the next 3 weeks) and to explore the beautiful city that I love living in, New York. Oh and not to mention decorating my apartment!

So I won’t make any promises, because like I say promises are meant to be broken, but I will say that I will be around a lot more in the near future. I hope that you are all enjoying the beautiful weather!

Speak to you all soon!

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I just saw this post from Dolce & Gabanna’s summer sunglasses campaign starring Naomi Cambell. I love the leopard print and the fact that they did it in red instead of the typical tan color.

I really like the photography as well. I like the way the oriental fan is projected on the wall behind her with the soft red shadows. Not to mention the fact that it is Naomi! She is the epitome of a model. Over the age of 40 and still looks that good? I just want to look half as good as her when I turn 40 and I will be more than pleased!

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Oy Vey!!

I’m not even going to apologize this time, because I am sure that you are tired of me saying ‘sorry for leaving you’, but life has taken control of my life. I have been stressed out by my social life and work, and school, but I am happy. I am actually living, which is a great feeling

In the midst of my hiatus, Mackenzie (my macbook) crashed on me and I lost EVERYTHING…because I didn’t back it up of course! Either way, I’ve started fresh and have lots of updates coming your way!

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So after a long run of having little to no internet access, I finally have access to my blog in the comfort of my home! It’s been a long time coming, and I am ecstatic! The posts will now be rolling in regularly!

Here’s a short life update….

School is back in session. I am working. I am also interning 2 days a week. AKA I no longer have a life. It is going to be a very interesting semester, but I am trying to organize every minute of every day so that I can actually have time to relax and do the things I love. I feel like life is so rushed and that in this beautiful city I don’t have the time to explore it and try something new. My resolution was to go somewhere new at least once a week…. so hopefully I can keep it up.

This weekend my mom came to town and I worked, but I still got to spend a lot of time with her so I am very grateful for that. And now I revert back to doing homework…

Until next time!

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Mon Dieu!!!

It’s funny how every time I return to NYC the blog and I go through withdrawals! I have been readjusting and decorating, but have not stopped thinking about you! As of tomorrow morning from 11-2 I will be upgrading my internet to Time Warner so there will be NO MORE DRAMA!

I look forward to sitting in my room and posting ALL of the new updates and everything that I have been up to in the past 3 weeks!

Until tomorrow my friends!

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