:: Spontaneous Combustion ::

I don’t know which part of the world that those of you reading this are located, but now I am in Montreal (my hometown) and dying of heat! This heat wave is way too much for me to handle! Being originally from Canada, I am definitely not used to these sky-rocketing temperatures (umm….in the negatives, yes, but that’s a whole other story…LOL) For me the ideal temperature is around 25-28 degrees Celsius. {I know, I know, I have lived in NYC for over 2 years now and I still have not gotten used to the Fahrenheit vs. Celsius conversion and doubt that I ever will for a while to be honest.} So dealing with 35 with it really feeling like 42 is more that a bit much! I seriously can’t wait for the cool nights of Autumn to be upon us and for me to be able to layer cardigans and cute lil’ trench coats… See the heat is making me delusional!

Anyways, on a cooler note, this heat is making me think of some of the things that I love the summer for….popsicles! I would love to have one of these great looking and tasting fresh fruit popsicles right about now….

Ah well, for now I can just fantasize and hope that this Vanilla IceCapp will do the trick… Until next time, keep cool!


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