:: The Ooh So Divine Chair Company ::

Today I happened to some how end up on The Divine Chair Company’s website and almost died! They are a Brooklyn based company that refurbish, refinish, and reupholsters unique pieces of furniture. You might be saying okay…and lol, but the special thing about them is they way they use unconventional colors and motifs in their designs that make the end results truly mouth-watering!

No one knows how much I love vintage style furniture, so when you combine it with non-traditional patterns it’s a done deal for me! Here are some of my favorite pieces from their collection:

Now for the piece de resistances:

I just love all their attention to details! I can seriously imagine creating one of these amazing chairs for my apartment one day. I would have a blast going through all their beautiful printed fabrics!


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4 Responses to :: The Ooh So Divine Chair Company ::

  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I have never heard of this store before until reading about it year but the product photo’s that you have shared with us here are just beautiful. Not like much of anything I’ve ever seen before. Your so right about the detail that they have put into their work here. You really have to give credit to the talented people who are able to create such wonderful works of art like this. Thanks again for sharing.


  2. {woo!!! such lovely lovely arm chairs…they are all like beautiful paintings on canvas!} thanks for sharing! {btw, sometimes {anthropologie} has some colorful/artsy chairs like these,too…}

    • lol tell me about it! I have not been able to stop thinking about them and can’t wait to see more of them when their new collection comes out! In the mean time, I will definitely keep an eye out for anthro’s new stuff!
      (p.s. I love your blog! You and your outfits are so cute!)

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