:: Ooh Ooh Obsessed ::

I spent the first half of my day cleaning up my laptop and my camera. I discovered that I am a picture *bleep* and that I am obsessed with taking photos of just about anything. From flowers and dogs (Morg) to people and shoes you name it, I’ve done it! Ever since getting my new digital camera, she has become my new best friend and I literally never leave the house without her! It’s great because it has allowed me to stop at any moment and do a quick click-click while on the go! I wouldn’t call it a bad obsession because I love looking back at them and remembering why I was inspired to take the photo in the first place. However, the people who I am with at the time may highly disagree with me. LOL

I have decided to share my obsession with you all and let you see some of the interesting photographs I have captured recently. So stay tuned!


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It is possible at any age to discover a lifelong desire you never knew you had.
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2 Responses to :: Ooh Ooh Obsessed ::

  1. Brooke says:

    That’s awesome though! I’ve taken photos of the most random stuff – just to see if it works.

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