:: Summer Blossoms ::

My middle named should have been Blossom of Fleure because I am truly madly deeply in love with everything floral. Everyone I know knows that it’s my weak spot and that a pretty lil’ flower can make my day and change my mood in a matter of seconds. They really make me weak in the knees and are the key to my heart, especially when they are violet!

Here are some beautiful pink blossoms that I captured while taking a walk one day. I loved the color and loved how they were growing together in small little clusters.

What I liked most about these flowers was that there were some that were just starting to bloom and others that were about to die. I found the contrasting colors of those that were dying vs. the living so beautiful. It was hard to believe that they all belonged to the same bush, but I guess that’s the way life goes. Everyone is on their own path and chasing their own destiny. Some people reach their’s faster than others …


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2 Responses to :: Summer Blossoms ::

  1. Great shots. Vivid color!

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