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Last semester I became obsessed with paper and all the things that one can do with it. I also went to the Slash Exhibit at MAD (Museum of Art & Design) in NYC and thought it was absolutely amazing! So it was only normal that when my friend sent me an e-mail of a link with floral type that reminded her of me I almost fainted! I liked a lot of the entries, but when I came across Yulia Brodskaya’s work I nearly died. She not only mixes typography with paper, but she does it in such an intricate way, that makes each piece really look like a piece of art that should be hung on a wall.

Yulia is a Russian born artist living in the UK with a MA in Graphic Communications. She likes typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects and she definitely shows that in her work.

I think that this last one is my fave … I love the simplicity in the ones above, but the level of difficulty that this last one appears to have is definitely appreciated!

Hope that you enjoyed her work as much as I did!


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