:: All I see is Fireworks ::

Part of Montreal’s Summer festivities is the Annual International Fireworks Competition. It’s a competition that involves countries from all over the world who compete to win the title of the Best Fireworks! Sounds pretty simple, but let me tell you that these people bring out all the stops and really put on a great show. Thousands of spectators come out every night and it’s a great way to spend a Saturday night out with friends. The show takes place in Old Montreal which is one of the most romantic places EVER! It has breath-taking sights from the old cobblestoned roads to the French castles, which creates a mesmerizing backdrop for the beautiful fireworks.

The night in question was not a competing country, but it was a tribute to Quebec’s own Celine Dion! She is celebrating 30 years in the industry and they definitely gave her one hell of a tribute! They had a soundtrack playing all of her biggest hits and the show consisted of 6 different themes such as, Love, Las Vegas, and The Titanic. On top of all this they had a 100-meter replica of the actual Titanic! It was definitely a sight to see!

Back to the fireworks though … the show was beautiful and they used almost every color that fireworks come in! They also produced a beautiful formation, which consisted of a bow & arrow going through a heart … had me speechless. I tried to get a photo of it, but forget about it! I never realized how difficult it was to capture fireworks in a photograph. Talk about next to impossible. I did really enjoy the over 200 shots and failed attempts that I did get. LOL

Here’s some of my favorites …

Pretty starburst …

This one reminds me of looking up at the stars

Call me crazy, but my absolute favorites are 2 that are completely out of focus and hard to read, but something about this I just love…

I can’t wait til next Saturday to give this a try again!


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