:: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify! ::

I can not tell you how many times professors or employers have told me to simplify my ideas or get rid of all the extra fussiness. And then I am left being like … how boringgggg! LOL However, the more experience I get the more I realize that less truly is more … in some cases.

Piet Mondrian is one of the father’s of the art of Simplicity. He was a brilliant painter who pushed boundaries and did everything he could to comprehend and master his craft. I loved his philosophy on a painting being just a painting. That there was no point in making a painting look like it was real or true to life, because a painting was not real. He explored the idea that a painting was a flat surface, which consisted of lines and color. His simplistic idea can be translated and applied to almost every art form.

Sarah Schofield is a 23-year-old designer from Australia who did an amazing swimwear collection based on Mondrian. All of his principles were applied and in this case I feel as though his paintings truly came to life with her beautiful designs.

I really like the make-up and colorful accessories too.

I really like the designs and the location. I think the breath-taking clear skies and mountain tops create such a nice backdrop for her geometric designs.


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