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I am sure most of you in the Fashion world have already heard of the Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya. He has done numerous high-profile fashion editorials for Vogue, his most recent being for Vogue Italia. I have always loved his work because of the way he plays with angles and lighting. So when I found out what he was working on and saw the photos I was floored!

Mario has recently been working on doing mock covers for the would-be Vogue: Africa! He has gone all out and produced some beautiful cover shots with various African models and artists. The shots are absolutely amazing! The vivid colors, the captivating looks in the model’s eyes, and the styling … I just can’t!

Here are some of my favorite covers

Now time for the show stoppers …

Last, but definitely not least … please don’t forget to breathe!

When I first saw this one I started hyperventilating…literally! It is absolutely stunning! The head scarf, the chunky necklace, and that lipstick color… I mean come on! I just can’t! Then I read the headline … not only is the imagery beautiful, but so is the message. “We are all Africans“.

I don’t know about you guys, but I would definitely be waiting in line at news stands to get myself a copy!

If you want to see more of his work, visit his Facebook.


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