:: Portfolio Woes ::

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates these days, but I have been working on updating my portfolio. To some this might seem exciting, but to those who have already done it, you know the stress that I am going through! All the drama of selecting which pieces to include, the sequence, the format, bla bla bla … There is just a lot of thought that has to go into it because it is like your baby. Currently I am stressing over finding the perfect shade of purple to represent me. Talk about nearly impossible! LOL My perfectionist tendencies are bound to be the death of me

For those of you who have already done or are working on your babies, do you guys have any advice? What do you do when you’ve hit the roadblock also known as frustration?

Any who, I will be back tomorrow hopefully! I have some interesting things to share from my latest adventures!

Stay tuned …


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2 Responses to :: Portfolio Woes ::

  1. Jill says:

    Again Teneka?! AGAIN?!! Why?? hahahaha

    oh lady i feel your pain. i’ve been doing my “homework” now for the past how many weeks *read months*, and so far umm it’s empty. die CSS DIE!!! send me a link when your stuff is done!! i know it’ll be beautiful as always.

    miss you my favorite Canadian! xoxoxo oh yeah i went to this art crafts fair in SF today, and bought a print magazine from Canada. it’s called Uppercase. LOVE! you should check it out.

    • Jill, you should know me by now! LOL

      I am actually just trying to work on my website, and new business cards, and changing the layouts of some things lol. Romano was right, it will never end!! CSS is so easy too me for some strange reason! What do you need help with my dear, I am here! LOL Very glad to hear that you are doing your ‘homework’ though lol school will never end!

      i miss you too! I went to Old Montreal the other day and I was like this place is so French, Jill would love it here! hahaha Uppercase you say, I will definitely look into it!


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