:: Take a Seat ::

So I have spent all day looking up furniture for my soon-to-be apartment! Normally one would find an apartment first, but I am just so tired of looking at things online that I can’t actually see until I get back to NYC! It has been a very frustrating experience thus far, which I am sure will all be worth it once this is all completed, however in the mean time I needed a diversion. Today, it just happened to be decorating. I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me! I swear in my next life to come back as an Interior Designer LOL I just can’t help it any more.

Anyways, today’s obsession was chairs. I want my place to be comfy and cozy, but still very chic. So lately, I have been looking for chairs that can do both. I have been obsessing over tub chairs, Louis XV chairs, slipper chairs, chaise lounges, and wing-backs! I know I may sound crazy, but I watch a lot of HGTV and look at many decorating sites and have seen the value of how the right chair can transform a room into the perfect living space.

Here are a few rooms that fuel my obsessions!
Last but not least … my favorite

Let the search continue! I will definitely get my special chair … even if I have to re-upholster it myself!


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2 Responses to :: Take a Seat ::

  1. Artswebshow says:

    these look fantastic.
    Especially the last one.
    I like the colour

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