:: Signed & Sealed ::


Wow, these past few weeks have definitely been a whirl wind and at this point I am not even capable of differentiating one day from the next! However, it has definitely been worth it … because I FOUND MY NEW HOME!!!

After countless days of thoroughly searching the world-wide web, looking at classifieds, going to broker offices, and walking up and down countless NYC walk-ups … I have finally found THEE place. A beautiful pre-war 1920’s lime stone apartment.

I now feel like I am a pro at apartment hunting in NYC, and yes NYC because searching here for a place is like no other! I swear me and a trillion other people were searching the million potential apartments that were available. It was definitely a rough time, but it was worth it. If we had stopped looking on the first day … lord help us. We saw what must have been the worst apartment ever! Not only did it feel like we were entering the twilight zone when we stepped out of the train … it was just too bad for words man, you just had to be there! (Well … not really because I would never wish that upon a person. LOL)

In this search persistence was key because like they say, you have to get through the bad to be able to see the good. Also I learned that somethings do need to be compromised. The big one for me was distance vs. space vs. location, but I think we found a happy medium 😉

Now on to the more important things … DECORATING!!

If you saw my previous post, I got the new Ikea catalogue before I left and it has been attached to my hip ever since! Initially I wasn’t very impressed with the styling, but upon review I have a new-found appreciation for it. I love how they focused on maximizing your space and using things for double duty. It gave me quite a few good ideas for some things to do in my new place. 😉 I seriously can’t wait … sooooo many … no TOO many ideas are running through my head!

In the mean time … I’ll be sketching til’ we get the keys next week!


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