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I don’t know what it is, but at the moment Rihanna is hitting all the right notes for me! I absolutely fell in love with photo shoot for Interview Mag. The color, the styling, the florals, her hair, everything! It is like an Art Director’s dream. I especially love the location and furniture selection in this shoot. So French-Louis the IVX-ish. Looks like they are at the Palais de Versailles! Combine the scenery with great fashion and tons of color = LOVE for me…hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The first one is my least favorite of the bunch, but it is still quite pleasing to the eye. I love the shoes…

Can we just talk about that feathered dress!??! Ahhh! I love it! So freakin hot! Juxtaposed against that beautiful forest green chair…speechless! In the opposite photo I love the fluorescent yellow straps on her mary janes, they really pop out against the black and navy.

I really like the colors used in this shot. The dress has an Asian feel and sort of reminds me of a kimono…don’t know why, but that is what comes to my head initially. I really love that vintage French dresser. If I was a piece of furniture, I would definitely look something like that!

Can someone say dominatrix? I love both of these dresses and really like how they incorporated such vibrant and vivid colored photos with high-contrasting B&W photos in this shoot. Those dead beaten flowers, it just screams a woman scorned! LOL

This one feels like she is channelling her inner Grace Jones. I love the thigh-high slits in the catsuit and the oversized glasses.

This is just the epitome of everything me…COLORFUL! I really like this shot a lot, words just can’t describe it! I think this one is pretty self-explanatory! LOL I love that blue earring!

*Photos courtesy of Rihanna Daily and Interview Mag.*


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