Hi All,

I stumbled upon these images from the November issue of Dutch Vogue a while back, and said I was going to share them with you, so here you are.

I really enjoyed this shoot. I like how they took the tribal/native trend and brought it to a plain and simple backdrop. It really allowed the garments to speak for themselves without distractions. I found it interesting they way they combined various animal prints with colorful feathers and tons of accessories. I think this shows tribal, but in a completely different direction than we are used to seeing in past seasons, which is quite refreshing if you ask me!

I love the make-up in this shoot. The asian model looks like a Geisha with the bright blushing cheeks, but the powerful brow and gold shadow give it a tribal twist.

The last shot reminds me of Puss in Boots…maybe it’s the hat. I LOVE the open toe fur and leather heels though! (I have a weak spot for a nice pair of heels! LOL)


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2 Responses to :: FEATHERING ::

  1. The model looks totally fierce! Very much a “modern inuit” vibe going on.

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