So… I am back at home in Montreal and have become OD OBSESSED with interior decorating (as I always do!) I swear watching HGTV is going to be the death of me, because I just get so carried away!

The topic of discussion is my bedroom. My apartment search and afterlife has been a series of ups and downs and the dust has finally settled…literally! So now it’s time to make it my home. =0) I am starting with my bedroom because that is the place that I spend the most time and it’s supposed to be my sanctuary right?

The look and feel I am going for is very specific and coincides perfectly with my OCD tendencies! I want something that is traditional, yet modern. Sophisticated, but fun. Pretty, but not girly. Beautiful, yet functional. Most importantly, ORGANIZED, point finale!

After scouring Mackenzie (my MAC), blogs, magazines, and everything I could get my hands on, here are a few rooms that embody the look and feel I am going for.

Cool Grays – I’ve always loved gray as a neutral. I think that it has a lot of personality and can act as the backdrop to many different colors without causing too much noise. I like the simplicity of this room. The super-clean sterile white room becomes a livable once the gray is introduced. The gray also makes it look more cozy.

Soft Pinks – I LOVE THIS ROOM! The dusty rose is so pretty, but very elegant at the same time. I really love the juxtaposition of the solids with graphic prints. I like the combination of the gold damask with the emerald stripes. I think that this minus the rose is exactly what I want in my room.

Winter Whites – White on white is a great combination. It really brightens up a room and makes it feel very light and airy. I also like the use of metallics and glass elements cause they really capture and reflect the light. My favorite part of this room is by far the dressing nook and the beautiful tuffed headboard.

Lilac Enchantment – Not only is this room a shade of PURPLE, but it is gorgeous! It has such a girly and fun feel. I love the layered sheer bedding and delicate headboard. I think this room was taken out of my fantasies!

Eclectic Traditions – Out of all the rooms I think this one embodies me most. The combination of the neutrals with pops of turquoise and a little mauve is beautiful. I love the bright chest and the mauve velvet chair in the corner. I think what makes this room my favorite is the fact that there are so many different elements and styles. Sure the tuffed headboard and the night tables are quite traditional, but the oriental-looking rug and metallic stool really bring personality to the space. I especially love the abstract painting above the headboard!

So there you have it! That’s generally the look I am going for, I just need to make it happen. My big dilemma is the fact that my room is quite small (about 12X11), I have double doors so that takes away some wall space, and I also have 2 four-foot windows to deal with.


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