Hi All,

As you can see I decided to change the header. With it being winter and all, I figured why not put something up that reflects that. I didn’t want to just put up a picture of snow though, so I decided to get some white roses and photograph them.

I swear flowers are the key to my soul! No matter what mood I am in a flower can always bring me to a beautiful place. I love their ornate qualities and intricacies. My favorite art history period is by far Art Nouveau, and it’s for the same reason. I love how they introduced such organic and delicate details into things that were designed solely based on their functional purposes.

Anyways, here are some of the photos that I took. I changed the setting on my camera so the photos have a blue-ish tint to them. At first I didn’t like it, but it reminded me of looking outside on a snowy morning…

In all honesty, I don’t particularly like roses, mostly because of the smell, but I absolutely love the transformation that they undergo when they are blooming. It’s like the unwrapping of a beautiful present, just the idea of it makes me swoon, let alone how they look!

And the present is definitely a gift.


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