Hi Everyone,

I am proud to say that I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING today, but watch tv, surf the net, blog, talk on the phone, and eat today! (I am actually eating right now, but that is besides the point…LOL) The purpose of this post is to discuss the science of looking for good furniture online.

I have finally narrowed down the pieces and the exact dimensions of the items that I want/need to have in my bedroom. Therefore, I decided that I can finally start shopping. I am not trying to splurge and go crazy on purchasing brand new items, plus I am quite fond of week-end DIYs so I figured I would start with some vintage finds. Today, I was in search of a white desk. I have seen sooooo many beautiful office nooks that had a very sleek modern desk that really took the space up a few notches, and it goes perfectly with my scheme.

I have my heart set on something that looks sort of like this:

I have been searching all day and found new ones at West Elm and CB2 for $299.00 and up, so when I stumbled upon this little Craig’s List item I was more than pleased!

The photo is bad, but I haven’t gotten the chance to take better ones. I know I am in Montreal and should not be purchasing any furniture, but I couldn’t resist! I really should not be left alone for long periods of time…because I have a tendency to get wrapped up and carried away in things…especially decorating! Either way, isn’t she beautiful!?!? I am ECSTATIC! I picked her up this afternoon, snow storm and all. Now all she needs is a fresh coat of paint and we are good to go!

So now my dilemma is this; I know I want to you a high-gloss lacquer-looking paint. HOWEVER, I am contemplating between painting it Pure White or Rich Black… Any advice?

To be continued…


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