I love these shots. I have no idea where I originally saw them or who or what they were created for, but the moment I saw them I knew I had to do a post on them.

As of late I have been very much into collaging and have gotten pretty good at them, so perhaps this is why these spoke to me the way they did. Even though I do my collages by hand and after searching through a million photos, I can still appreciate what I see being done here digitally.

I like how they combined fashion with nature. The first image looks like the model is being molded into the petals and leaves of the flower. It really looks like they are one or becoming one.

I like the way they put the overlay of the yellow daisy on the texture of the model’s clothing. I also appreciate the way they matched her make-up. That bold yellow eye shadow is very hard to pull off, but works very well here with the harsh brow and pink lips.

I like the technique illustrated in the last photo. It appears as though the artist created a mask over selected portions of the model’s body and inserted the purple flowers. It is also possible that the artist created this by layering two photos; 1 with nature and the other with the model and then used the eraser tool on the model layer to reveal the floral that was on the layer beneath.

I think I might experiment with some of these techniques on my own.


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