Carrying on with my collage theme I decided to post some editorial artwork that I found a while back. Due to the fact that I am notorious for having a million windows & tabs open at once, I am always dragging and dropping anything and everything that I find on to my desktop. So once again, no idea where these came from, I have a strong feeling it was from tumblr… either way they are definitely worth sharing.

These images really come to life because of the illustrations. I appreciate how the artist removed critical aspects of the model’s body, such as, her hair, face, legs, etc…, and replaced them with the hand-drawn illustrations.

I also really like the combination of black and white with color in both the illustrations and the photos. I think my favorite aspect of these images is the way that the artist juxtaposed the intricate and extremely fine lines next to the larger solid blocks of color. I think the contrast makes the piece so much stronger.

The image below on the left is my favorite. I love the colors, the patterns, and the photo, and more importantly the way they all intertwine. In this one you can barely tell where the pattern and the digital image meet or end.

Although I have no idea who created these beautiful pieces, the artwork reminds me of Jen Stark’s drawings, which you can see below.

High Constellation

The Beginning of The End

Check out her website to view more of her amazing artwork.


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5 Responses to :: REAL-LIFE ILLUSTRATION ::

  1. Aww these are soo cool.. I love em’… I just got a tumblr 🙂 nice post

  2. happy happy colors! see my smile? 😉

  3. Ariel says:

    Oh, I love these! Very Peter Max-esque. I like your favorite one and the one right before it the best. Love!

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