I just saw this post from Dolce & Gabanna’s summer sunglasses campaign starring Naomi Cambell. I love the leopard print and the fact that they did it in red instead of the typical tan color.

I really like the photography as well. I like the way the oriental fan is projected on the wall behind her with the soft red shadows. Not to mention the fact that it is Naomi! She is the epitome of a model. Over the age of 40 and still looks that good? I just want to look half as good as her when I turn 40 and I will be more than pleased!


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2 Responses to :: STUNNING NAOMI ::

  1. Ariel says:

    Love her! Agreed–this is a great campaign & I want those shades!

  2. I KNOW! I can picture you wearing these shades, but in green!

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