So after months of deliberation I finally chose a paint color for my bedroom!

I swear I had become a regular at Home Depot’s paint department and have a ginormous bag of paint swatches to prove it. However, I was able to narrow my choices down to these few…

I wanted to go for a soft gray/purple-ish color, but one that was not too overwhelming. I wanted my room to feel light and airy, while still having some of my personality (purple and florals) shine through. So I opted to go for a subtle color on the walls, but will amp it up with colorful accessories.

After a long poll from all of my friends and family, the winning color was subtle touch from Behr Paints.

I purchased the paint in Behr Premium Plus Ultra – Flat Finish because I didn’t want to deal with priming, uneven surfaces, etc… I also have a lot of natural light in my room and didn’t want to deal with the reflective surfaces associated with Eggshell finishes. When mixed it looked like nothing but a dull white, and I had a moment of extreme panic, but I told myself that it’s just paint and if it’s ugly I can just paint over it! (RIGHT – Who in their right mind would paint twice?!) When I got home and put it on the wall though…I was not impressed

“So Pretty” – NOT! For whatever reason it looks like a blue/purple crayon instead of the chic subtle gray that I wanted! Either way I decided not to have a full anxiety attack and kept on painting.

The final results will be released at a later date…to be continued


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