Je suis de retour!

I am back from my Montreal ‘vacay’ and am back in the Big Apple. I had an amazing time back home, but I am glad to be back in NYC again. I am looking forward to next semester, interning, and decorating my apartment, FINALLY!

I am kind of all over the place and just getting settled in again, but I just wanted to update you all (like you care LOL), I feel horrible because I missed my ‘postoftheweek’ last week! But I’m back on it!

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Carrying on with my collage theme I decided to post some editorial artwork that I found a while back. Due to the fact that I am notorious for having a million windows & tabs open at once, I am always dragging and dropping anything and everything that I find on to my desktop. So once again, no idea where these came from, I have a strong feeling it was from tumblr… either way they are definitely worth sharing.

These images really come to life because of the illustrations. I appreciate how the artist removed critical aspects of the model’s body, such as, her hair, face, legs, etc…, and replaced them with the hand-drawn illustrations.

I also really like the combination of black and white with color in both the illustrations and the photos. I think my favorite aspect of these images is the way that the artist juxtaposed the intricate and extremely fine lines next to the larger solid blocks of color. I think the contrast makes the piece so much stronger.

The image below on the left is my favorite. I love the colors, the patterns, and the photo, and more importantly the way they all intertwine. In this one you can barely tell where the pattern and the digital image meet or end.

Although I have no idea who created these beautiful pieces, the artwork reminds me of Jen Stark’s drawings, which you can see below.

High Constellation

The Beginning of The End

Check out her website to view more of her amazing artwork.

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I love these shots. I have no idea where I originally saw them or who or what they were created for, but the moment I saw them I knew I had to do a post on them.

As of late I have been very much into collaging and have gotten pretty good at them, so perhaps this is why these spoke to me the way they did. Even though I do my collages by hand and after searching through a million photos, I can still appreciate what I see being done here digitally.

I like how they combined fashion with nature. The first image looks like the model is being molded into the petals and leaves of the flower. It really looks like they are one or becoming one.

I like the way they put the overlay of the yellow daisy on the texture of the model’s clothing. I also appreciate the way they matched her make-up. That bold yellow eye shadow is very hard to pull off, but works very well here with the harsh brow and pink lips.

I like the technique illustrated in the last photo. It appears as though the artist created a mask over selected portions of the model’s body and inserted the purple flowers. It is also possible that the artist created this by layering two photos; 1 with nature and the other with the model and then used the eraser tool on the model layer to reveal the floral that was on the layer beneath.

I think I might experiment with some of these techniques on my own.

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So the highly anticipated fashion show from Mr. Ford himself has finally been released! He opted for an intimate setting at his Madison Avenue boutique and had some pretty high-profile models sashaying down the runway in his pieces, while he narrated the show. Some of the beautiful models included: Natalia Vodianova, Carolyn Murphy, Daria Werbowy, Anja Rubik, Liya Kebede, Chanel Iman, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld,
Liu Wen, Lauren Hutton, Joan Smalls, Daphne Guinness, Beyonce Knowles, Julianne Moore, to name a few.

I loved the collection. I thought it was very sexy, very strong, and had statement pieces that would make any woman feel empowered. I absolutely adored Tom when he was at Gucci and I’m very glad to see that he is back and doing better than ever.

Watch and enjoy for yourself.

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In keeping with my White Winter feeling, I decided to post these beautiful pieces from Dior’s Spring 07′ collection. Although it is supposed to be a spring collection the pieces feel very much winter inspired.

The looks felt like a scene out of a traditional Japanese film. There were many kimono-type dresses, straw hats and lots of draping. Even the runway was covered in beautiful white cherry blossoms.

These last 2 looks really remind me of the icy snow queen. I love the coat on the left with the big skirt. The blue print at the bottom reminds me of icicles, snow-covered mountains or even splashing waves. It is definitely a work of art.

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:: MY OOH MUI ::

Yesterday it snowed so this morning when I woke up I was greeted by a beautiful snowy blanket surrounding everything. Call me crazy, but I actually really like Winter… Either way, I decided to do a Winter-themed post today.

A couple of months back I happened to stumble upon some looks from Mui Mui’s Winter 2011 collection. I have always been a fan of the quirky designs, but never really saw anything that I LOVED or desperately NEEDED in my life, UNTIL I saw these…

This collection is the epitome of my fall/winter wardrobe. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF THIS COLLECTION DOWN TO THE TEENY TINY FLOWERS!!! I love the mixture between soft and structured. I love the tailoring and the fit, I think these dresses could make any woman’s body look GREAT. I love the bowed turtlenecks and the feminine pea coats.

What I love most is the color palette. The soft violets, with the mustard, the navy, and the hints of black…are just marvelous! I really like all the silver accents, really makes the look feel polished.

My favorite dress from the entire collection is the light violet one shown above on the far right. If I could have a dress named after me, this would be it! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Not only is it my color, but it has a beautiful floral lace overlay, with the appliques, a pretty velvet black bow, AND POCKETS!!! Like seriously, this one has my name written all over it! *FAINTS*

I always admired this shoot with the beautiful Eva Mendes. Here she is wearing a dress from the collection shown in the first photo (sans the matching belt). Is it just me or do runway clothes look better on real people than on the models?

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Hi Everyone,

I am proud to say that I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING today, but watch tv, surf the net, blog, talk on the phone, and eat today! (I am actually eating right now, but that is besides the point…LOL) The purpose of this post is to discuss the science of looking for good furniture online.

I have finally narrowed down the pieces and the exact dimensions of the items that I want/need to have in my bedroom. Therefore, I decided that I can finally start shopping. I am not trying to splurge and go crazy on purchasing brand new items, plus I am quite fond of week-end DIYs so I figured I would start with some vintage finds. Today, I was in search of a white desk. I have seen sooooo many beautiful office nooks that had a very sleek modern desk that really took the space up a few notches, and it goes perfectly with my scheme.

I have my heart set on something that looks sort of like this:

I have been searching all day and found new ones at West Elm and CB2 for $299.00 and up, so when I stumbled upon this little Craig’s List item I was more than pleased!

The photo is bad, but I haven’t gotten the chance to take better ones. I know I am in Montreal and should not be purchasing any furniture, but I couldn’t resist! I really should not be left alone for long periods of time…because I have a tendency to get wrapped up and carried away in things…especially decorating! Either way, isn’t she beautiful!?!? I am ECSTATIC! I picked her up this afternoon, snow storm and all. Now all she needs is a fresh coat of paint and we are good to go!

So now my dilemma is this; I know I want to you a high-gloss lacquer-looking paint. HOWEVER, I am contemplating between painting it Pure White or Rich Black… Any advice?

To be continued…

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